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About MKTix

Our Dual Mission has two key goals:
  • To be a resource for local area citizens and visitors interested in supporting the community and taking advantage of the rich culture it has to offer.
  • To offer small- to mid-sized local organizations-especially nonprofit organizations-a convenient, efficient way to manage and accept credit card payments for ticketed events.

The web site combines these two goals by allowing local organizations to advertise and easily sell tickets to their events, while serving as the premier online destination for community-minded citizens. is a service of Meerkat Technology, Inc. Meerkat Technology, has a long-standing commitment to public service. Our low-cost services are designed to make life easier for our organizational clients. Our best-in-class technology reduces their time and investment in the administrative aspects of their work, so they can focus on what's most important to them.

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About Meerkat Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Meerkat Technology develops sophisticated, affordable Electronic Commerce solutions for small- to mid-sized nonprofit organizations, political organizations, and businesses.

Recognizing that most of our clients have limited budgets and administrative resources, we enable them to easily and securely communicate, use the latest e-commerce technology, manage projects, and store data via the web. Our products are based on a core, proprietary technology, but allow for maximum flexibility and control by our clients. Whether accepting donations, selling memberships or merchandise, or managing events, our technology can be customized and fully integrated into our clients' web sites.